Staging for Conferences

We can provide portable stage hire for any event, including corporate events, conferences, concerts and parties.

Our modular portable stage system, allow us to create stages of a large selection of sizes & heights. Which start at 1m × 1m and can be scaled up to any size & configuration required. We use the Prolyte Stage Dex system which is modular, industry standard, and works both indoors or outside.

Our stages are perfect for conferences and can be carpeted in your choice of carpet colour, or can be provided in Black wood as standard? Our stages have been used for a variety of different commercial events, including Product Launches, After-dinner speakers, Guest Panels or Awards Ceremonies… Just Smile can provide portable stage hire for your event.

We also provide Stage Sets, Stage Flats & backdrops for the presentation area. We can incorporate a video/projection screen into our Full Stage Set, and we also fit your corporate identity, logos, colours etc into our stage set to ensure it feels & looks professional and “on brand”.

Our team will be delighted to provide you a bespoke quotation if you are looking for event stage hire. We also have available a pricelist with some of our most popular standard sizes in stage hire already calculated for you.

Staging items available to hire:

  • Stage Dex 1m x 1m Stage Section
  • Stage Dex 1m x 2m Stage Section
  • Stage Dex 2m x 0.5m Stage Section
  • Stage Dex 1m x 0.5m Stage Section
  • Stage Flat 2.4m x 1m (Stage Set)
  • Full Stage set with Screen in-built