Festival & Outdoor Staging

We can supply professional sound systems and technicians for use with any of our Festival & Outdoor Staging Systems.

Live Music

We have a variety of stages of different sizes for hire, our sound systems can also be tailored to the size of audience and type of event. With a variety of options available, we can supply sound systems suitable for Live Music in an outdoor setting. Depending on your requirements these can be ground-stacked or line-array, and we have both options in stock in our Warehouse.

A full-range sound system for outdoor events will be designed slightly differently to that of a DJ or indoor system. The speaker design will be geared to throwing the sound further than that if designed for background music, or used within a confined space.

We have analogue and digital mixing desks available for use together with any of our sound systems. All of which are suitable for use with our outdoor stages. Along with foldback monitors, amplifiers, microphones and multicore cables, mic stands & DI boxes. Most techs will be familiar with the items we require to provide sound for live music on our Festival & Outdoor Staging.

Speech & Entertainment

We have smaller sound systems that are also available for corporate events where the entertainment is speech based. This type of PA doesn’t require the same depth of sound which musicians and live bands would require.

Similarly, we can provide a suitable sound system based on the acts or use of the stage. Perhaps just an awards presentation is taking place, or comedians, but without the need of a full sound solution for live music.

Our team are on hand to provide details and arrange a quotation for your event. Just give us a call on 01923-750525.