Outdoor Event Site PA (Tannoy)

If you are holding a large outdoor event, then a site PA system (also known as a Tannoy system) is not just a good idea, but it may indeed be an essential! We have experience with a huge variety of outdoor events, whether Football, Cricket or other sports related events, dog, horse or even county shows, but also race events, with start & finish lines or sports days.

The common feature of all these events is that they can cover a wide area. And while you may, or indeed may not need to play music, announcements about the running order of the day, the winners, what’s happening later, lost children or indeed even emergencies can be relayed across a wide site using an outdoor event site PA system.

We have provided our Tannoy systems to many events across Hertfordshire and London, and our team are knowledgeable in making sure you can be heard!

Summer Fetes & Fundays

We provide sound systems for Summer Fetes and Fundays. Many schools, villages, towns & community groups hold events each year which require a PA system to provide announcements, safety notices and the ability to talk to the crowd to drum up business & fundraising for the event, ensuring that the attendees know about the attractions available on the day.

Our Summer Fete PA Packages are ideal for those with limited technical knowledge, and can be delivered and set up at your venue anywhere in Hertfordshire or surrounding areas.