Outdoor Lighting Hire

Just Smile has a wide range of creative solutions that can be provided for Outdoor Lighting hire. Lighting up the outside of a building is simply stunning and creates a sense of anticipation with your guests as they enter the venue for your function.

We have options of both traditional wired lighting, or the more convenient wireless fixtures now available, more than ever, sensational results are available at great prices. Our team have experience in creating lighting shows for all types of events, parties and clients.

The outdoor lighting comes in a wide variety of colours. The colouring of the lighting can be combined together with the theme you havefor your event.

The images show ome of our Outdoor Lighting jobs that have included:

  • Architectural Lighting.
  • Building Colour Wash Lighting.
  • Stage & Festival Lighting.
  • Search Lights / Movie Premier style Lighting.
  • Garden Party Lighting.

To find out more about our outdoor lighting options, contact any of the team at Just Smile on 01923-750525 . We will be delighted to help you and discuss your requirments for your event.