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Make Your Event A Success

What does it take to make your event a success ? Probably blood, sweat and a few tears along the way!

However the satisfaction of seeing your event go well is remarkably rewarding. To help you along the way as your event organising gets underway here are some tips that will get you started. They will assist you in getting from the planning stage on a piece of paper to a fantastic event.

Top Tips For Planning

Using this  framework can be applied to all sorts of events, such as a party, a conference or a fund raising evening. In fact they can be applied to make your event a success.

  • Begin early – there always has to be a starting point. Once the date for your event is set, then create your plan and timeline early. Then you will already be in a good place.
  • Be flexible –  in most cases, you will probably have been given a clear brief as to what is expected. However, there will always be some twists and turns along the way. Evey venue is different so some ideas may work perfectly others may need some tweaking.
  • Budgets –  right from the start know what your budget is! Keep some tucked up your sleeve for hidden costs. Make sure you negotiate as you go along as this will help cover the cost of the finishing touches. Make your night one to remember for your guests!
  • Assign responsibilities – don’t be a hero. You cant do it all on your own! Bring a great team of people/volunteers together with the right skills and involve them. Make sure you have the right people doing the right job/s and they know exactly what to do. Make sure they know the timelines as well to keep on track.
  • Promote your event – for any event, how you tell people about it is a vital part to make your event a success. Get your message out there early to create the level of interest. It doesn’t matter whether its a public event or an internal company event, tell people! Create a fab invite to send out to your guests. Make use of Facebook/Twitter and even create a custom hashtag.

Event Night

  • All set? – make sure everyone knows what they are doing. Make sure you have enough people to welcome your guests, organise raffles and make sure VIP guests are looked after!
  • Have a back up plan – even with the best planning, nothing ever runs a true course all the way. Think of the swan gliding on the surface but paddling away under ther water. Make sure you have considered the “What if” scenarios and have some options available just in case.
  • Photograph everything – Pictures capture fantastic memories, but also a record of your event if you are going to do it again. get a photographer on board who can have licence to go round snapping guests and key moments. Your photographer can also capture your branding which can be used for promoting of your business.

Post event –  make sure you follow up your event with thankyou’s. Also remember to get that vital feedback from your guests/delegates. Dont forget to share the photo’s and celebrate the success of your event.

Over time, everyone develops their own style of planning. By following a plan you will make your event a success and amaze your guests!