Black Starlight Dance Floor

Taking ‘dancing with the stars’ to the next level – this dance floor is simply stunning.

Our Black Starlight Dance Floor’s galaxy design feels as though you’re gazing into the twinkling midnight sky, it’s truly magical.

What’s even better is that it won’t break the party piggy-bank either. If there is a dancefloor with the X-Factor – you’ve found it!

No matter the theme, this enchanting party-starter promises to get your guests dancing in style.

5 reasons to pick our Black Starlight Dance Floor:

  • Gorgeous patent design with hundreds of glittering stars
  • Adds a great visual talk-point to your party
  • It’s affordable and worth every penny
  • Contemporary look and feel

The Starlight techy stuff:

  • Created with strong and durable Cast Acrylic Top
  • Available in sizes up to 18ft x18ft
  • Custom size available

If the Black Starlight Dance Floor sounds perfect for your party, why not speak to one of our Party Specialists today!