White Gloss Dance Floor

Because simplicity is genius. Our flawless brilliant-white gloss dance floor will add that sophisticated touch to your party.

As it is one of our most versatile in the collection, it harmonises with any party look and feel, and leaves room for other party features to create that bold statement.

Never forget – investing in a decent dance floor will always impress your party guests!

Why bother hiring a dance floor?

  • Adds a focal point for the party, the more enticing the dance floor…the more dancers and will increase in party atmosphere
  • Because old, tired wooden floors are so last century!
  • No matter your budget, there’s a dance floor available for you

The White Gloss Dance Floor techy stuff:

  • White Acrylic High Quality Finish
  • All sizes available up to 16ft x 16ft

If the White Gloss dance floor sounds perfect for your party, why not speak to one of our Party Specialists today!