DJ Extras and Add Ons

  • 1m PAR Bar Lighting Batten

    Are you getting serious about your mood lighting / uplighting? We can provide 1 metre long Spectra Batten Architectural Lights for those areas where a wall wash looks stunning… speak to our team with your requirements.
  • Confetti Cannon

    If you are looking to add something spectacular to your event a big blast of colourful confetti this is the way to do it. Our Co2 confetti cannons are a versatile piece of equipment and can create a number of effects, depending on the effect required they can be used to produce that amazing wow factor. A hit of confetti sounds simple, but could be the surprise of the night, which creates that wow… You will need a Firing system & cartridges, please discuss options with our team!
  • Dry Ice Machine

    Our Le Maitre Peasouper Dry Ice machine produces a dry ice effect with an abundance of low smoke as seen on TV or in the theatre. Thick clouds of smoke create the effect of you dancing on clouds… stunning. (Should provide around 3 bursts of thick low smoke throughout the evening)
  • Mirror Balls

    Mirror Balls are perfect for projecting a lot of light around the room and providing that traditional disco look and feel.

    All of our mirror balls are provided with a motor, pin spots (Par 36’s) to light it, all cables and either a stand or slings to attach it to the ceiling of your venue.

    Mirror balls should ideally be placed in the middle of the venue for optimum effect; unfortunately not many venues have hanging points situated here. To get around this we can also hang the mirror balls from a wind up stand thus avoiding the need to hang anything from the venues ceiling.

    The mirror balls come in various sizes, we have 30cm, 40cm and 50cm in stock.

    We will deliver, install and collect the mirror ball so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Mood Lighting / Uplighter

    The use of lighting can make a huge difference to a room. Whatever your colour theme, we can customise our lighting to fit with your theme, ideas and budget… pound for pound mood lighting can make the biggest impact on a venue…
  • Pair of 4ft Silk Flames

    Heat up your event with a great dramatic effect which will liven up your stage set or event. Supplied with a good sized 1.4 Metre silk flame, once flying above the fan this highly fluctuates almost like a real flame. This is an audience inspiring product with plenty of applications in shows, award ceremonies, events and night clubs. Stunning either side of your DJ or Entrance to your event.
  • Radio Microphone

    Why not invest in the use of a professional cordless radio microphone? Microphones are an effective tool for people not used to speaking publicly and will give nervous speakers much more confidence. The microphone can be easily passed from person to person, without cables, so no need to worry about knocking over delicate items at the top table.
  • Smoke Machine

    A smoke machine creates a fantastic atmosphere at any event, it also creates a great "stars in their eyes" effect when karaoke is included in your package, or at a karaoke only function.
  • White Starlight DJ Booth

    Looking to add a real touch of class to your Wedding Disco… If you are booking the ‘Premier Package’ or above, you have the option to upgrade to a White Starlight DJ Booth! We boast a large selection of DJ Packages, with our latest additions being a move away from the traditional DJ set up of the past, now moving into a new era, of tidy, stylish & modern DJ's at a price affordable to all… If you’re thinking or have booked the ‘Premier Package’ then also consider this stunning upgrade.
  • Wireless Uplighter

    Wireless Lighting is incredibly popular due to the fact you can place these lights anywhere, and wirelessly control them, make them oner colour or change them to many colours. Our wireless lighting is popular in many venues and peoples homes, especially where sockets are not plentiful and you want to avoid trailing cables or messy corners Our wireless lighting is all LED and can be colour mixed to create almost any colour