DJ Live & Musician Packages

We now offer DJ Live & Musician Packages. This is where you can upgrade a selection of our DJ Packages by adding live Musicians & Singers to perform alongside our Professional DJ’s!

Along with all the usual decorative, lighting and other optional extra’s, we offer you the chance to upgrade your party entertainment by adding live performers. You can add just one or all of these musicians or singers to our DJ Entertainment packages where you can see the ‘Live Music’ icon.

  • Percussionist


    Our percussionist can add a real beat to any event. With a set of Bongos and a selection of other instruments our percussionist will complement the DJ seamlessly. Adding an edge of Live Performance to your event, building the excitement on the dance floor and increasing the energy levels in the room. Our Percussionist will integrate with any other performers and add something very special to your event.

  • Saxophonist


    Adding a real sense of class to any event. Our Live Saxophonist will play along ad-lib with our DJ’s set. Equipped with a wireless belt-pack microphone, our Sax player can move & mingle amongst the crowd. They will join in with the DJ where possible. Your guests will be impressed with the integration between the Sax & DJ, enhancing your party experience.

  • Vocalist


    If you want to take your live entertainment even further, why not book a professional vocalist?! We have a selection of Singers with amazing voices. They will contribute into your night without the traditional changeover between a Live Band & DJ. Our vocalist will perform to backing tracks mixed into and throughout the DJ set, with our singer taking the lead in a selection of the dance floor fillers on your night. Our vocalist can also be complimented by any of our other live musicians.

To discuss any of our ‘Live Entertainment’ Add-ons, please contact our office. We are happy to assist with enquiries and explain the various options available.