Mood Lighting

Here at Just Smile, we have the perfect Mood Lighting or Uplighting effects to light up your party night.It is amazing how the clever use of lighting can transform a venue and bring your event to life!

Whatever lighting effects you need, we will be happy to help.  From uplights to downlights, mood lights to LED lights, indoor or outdoor lighting, from simple to show stopping! We can then customise our lighting to fit with your theme, ideas or budget. Pound for pound mood lighting can make the biggest impact on a venue.

Lighting can create a real wow factor to your Wedding or event and change the dynamic of a room, or lift the atmosphere. You can also light up features, props or areas to draw attention to them, or away from something else.

Wireless Uplighting

We also offer our new LED Wireless Uplighters. These lights can be placed anywhere in the room, no need for any cables, and can be remote controlled. Just think of the options available to you when you don’t need to run any cables, which makes it safe for use around children.

Uplighting Hides / Covers

Uplighter hides or covers are also available for hire. These are effectively curved carpeted surrounds which will wrap around the light to hide the fixture. If you are keen to keep the ‘tech’ as invisible as possible, these are a great solution. Our uplighter hides are available in Beige & White.


The Just Smile team have created unforgettable bespoke visual effects packages for all sorts of events and parties. To discuss your requirements and book a mood lighting package, just contact one of the team on 01923 750525. They will be able to discuss your brief and help you create a totally unique lighting extravaganza.

We have the expertise, equipment and skill to ensure your event looks amazing  so you and your guests are blown away.