Wedding DJ at Fanhams Hall Hotel

Wedding DJ at Fanhams Hall Hotel | Wedding DJ Fanhams Hall

We were booked to supply a Wedding DJ Fanhams Hall in Ware in September.

Our Bride didn’t provide a huge playlist, but it quickly became clear that this group of family & friends loved all the classic party dances with routines, actions and the ones you can sing along to… now we wouldn’t usually play all of these unless they are specifically asked for, but this was a great fun night where every single guest was up and dancing for most of the night… and they loved the routines!

Nothing wrong with that when you’re having a great time 😉

Fanhams Hall

Fanhams Hall in Ware Hertfordshire is a stunning building with beautiful architecture. The venue can hold two Weddings per day in two very separate areas. Whether you choose to have your Wedding in the Great Hall or the Pavillion, the service standards and experience won’t differ in this beautiful property.