Chequerboard Budget Dance Floor

Made famous by the 15th Century Renaissance painters, this beautiful style chequerboard dance floor will always feel en vogue. The ample 2ft x 2ft colour contrasting squares promise to add decadence and style to your wedding reception.

We can create the size of the dance floor which is appropriate for the number of guests and the size of your chosen venue.

Why choose Chequered?

  • Classic and elegant design.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Timeless design.
  • Harmonises with most wedding themes.

The techy stuff:

  • Created with long-lasting ABS Plastic
  • Available in a variety of shapes & sizes
  • Custom size available.

If our Chequered Budget Dance Floor sounds perfect for your wedding, why not speak to one of our Wedding Specialists today on 01923-750525.