Our Wedding DJ’s

Our team of Wedding DJ’s are exceptional at gauging the crowd, engaging with your guests both on and off the microphone and helping to ensure your wedding celebration is as successful as possible.

Our DJ team are appointed based on the information provided by you at the time of booking. We work with many venues, some which have preferred DJ’s or members of our team who are more experienced with them. We also ensure each DJ caters to your personal taste, style and requirements.

Our entire Wedding DJ hire team are equipped to cover a wide selection of musical genres and styles suitable to be played at your wedding celebration. We can also cater for any special requests, styles & personal desires. Plus our team cover a broad spectrum of DJ styles and we can usually offer someone experienced in most foreign genres where requested.

In addition to music, some events require a little cultural ‘know how’ and we are delighted that our team of DJ’s are experienced in many different cultures or disciplines where sometimes you just need to know what you are doing…