hybrid meeting specialists

What is a hybrid meeting?

Hybrid meetings is name in reference to the location of the attendees. In a hybrid meeting, a group of the people attending the meeting will be located in the same place. Further participants will join the meeting by web conference or conference call. From an organisers point of view, Hybrid meetings can be more complicated to manage with the challenges of various methods of participants connecting to the meeting, and of course how you distribute information and notes throughout the meeting to the participants. Aside from the challenges of communication, and the additional challenges of connectivity and the lack of user knowledge.

How can Just Smile help you deliver a hybrid meeting?

Just Smile can help you deliver your hybrid meeting by building you a presentation set and provide the technical infrastructure and skills to use streaming technology to communicate to multiple delegates in different locations. Whether you are looking to build a small presentation studio at your office location, or a hotel, we can design, build and work to your brief and budget to ensure you look professional when presenting to staff, clients or delegates. In addition we can provide LED Screen, Cameras & Operators and streaming technology to capture and distribute your content using the internet to distribute to a wider audience.

What is my next step?

Find a location, or our venue finding team will be happy to find a location for you.
Be prepared, so this isn’t going to happen overnight we will need time to build anything custom.
Contact us to discuss your requirements and expectations