Festival & Outdoor Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting

We provide Outdoor stage lighting for any of our Festival & Outdoor Stages. It may be that you are just looking for a simple and cost effective solution to light up the performers and stage area. And your requirements are simple enough that we can devise a basic lighting package which offers enough lighting to clearly see your performers, the show and delivers on budget.

We have in stock a selection of generic fixtures in tungsten & LED which can be selected individually or as part of a package to create the lighting required for your stage.

Lighting Shows

We can also create interesting lighting shows, or add lighting effects to our outdoor stages. You may interested in making the lighting a part of the event & a big part of the show, and for this we can certainly help.

We have various options available here, and depending on the type of event you are holding, genre of music performed, or the purpose of the stage when night falls will determine the type of lighting and design which will work best for your event. We have experience in everything from dance music events, rock & folk concerts or festivals to simple awards ceremonies or fireworks displays.

With our huge stock of moving fixtures, generics and LED options available to us, we are sure to have a stage lighting solution for your event which will not just look great, but feel great on your budget.

To discuss your requirements, just contact us on 01923-750525 and we will work together with you to make your event a success.