Who thinks about event power? It seems to be overlooked sometimes when planning events… we believe it really depends on who is planning the event!!

Full Service Event Generator Hire

Put quite simply… nearly every item of equipment we use requires power, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a hotel room, high street or a field. We need a safe & suitable electrical supply and distribution for whatever it is we are trying to do.

Generator Hire for Outdoor Events & Indoor Events

Our team of event experts can help advise you of your power requirements. Whether the room in the hotel has 3 phase event power, of even if it’s simply the distribution of power from some 13 amp sockets, we also have the option to bring in one of our generators if the site is remote to any power sources.

Event Generators for Hire with Flexible Options

Whilst it would be rare for us to only provide power distribution alone, we are able to advise and provide suitable distribution and generation where required for any of our events. We can provide traders and other elements to events other than our own equipment and we are always happy to work with our clients to ensure everyone is powered up safely.