Festival Stage Hire Hertfordshire | Woodfest 2016

Festival Small Stage Hire Hertfordshire | Woodfest 2016

We were approached by Summerswood Primary School in Borehamwood to provide our Festival Stage Hire and help them elevate their already successful ‘Woodfest’ event. They wanted to become a little more professional, and pull together all of the resources which in the previous year had been pulled together through friends etc

The event is attended by around 2000 people, mostly the parents and children of Summerswood Primary School, and the event raises money toward the running of the School.

Just Smile provided our Festival Stage, Shermann Audio RS5 Festival Sound system, with mixing desk, mics, sound & stage crew. The school also approached Elstree UTC who provided some lighting & students to operate it, for which we assisted them with site power etc.

If you are looking at holding a Summer Festival, our Festival Stage Hire is ideal for these events.