Festival Stage Hire Hertfordshire | Woodfest 2016

Music Festival & Outdoor Events

The clocks have gone forward and summer is on the way. Now is the time that organisers for music festivals & outdoor events are starting to plan events throughout the summer.

Where do you start when there is so much to do to put on an event? It can seem a daunting task but with the right people, the right preparation and planning you can put on a successful event.

Once you have identified where you are going to hold your music festival or outdoor event, there is a long list of things to consider:-

  • How to promote the event?
  • Budgeting
  • How many people are going to come?
  • Do you need a Public Entertainment Licence?
  • Do I need a PRS Music Licence?
  • Catering Provision
  • First Aid & Stewarding/Security Arrangements.
  • Toilet Provision
  • Car parking arrangements
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Risk assessments
  • Additional Entertainment
  • Making the event accessible
  • Additional Stalls i.e arts and crafts

The list seems endless but is all achievable and as each event is different the requirements to comply with will also be different. For example putting on a music festival is very different from arranging a school summer fayre, although some of the planning elements are the same.

The most important part of your event is the focal point for the entertainment, being a stage or an arena.

At a music festival, the stage, the sound and the lighting production are essential to get right. The bands want to be able to perform perfectly so your audience will have a brilliant time.

Getting the right experienced event production company onboard to work together with you and support you is vital. At Just Smile, we have an experienced team of technicians/electricians and riggers that have worked on these types of music festivals & outdoor events over many years.

As can be seen from the gallery of photographs below, Just Smile has worked on many event productions, providing Stage Hire, PA & Sound systems and full lighting production. We will work closely with you to make sure that your music festival or outdoor event is delivered on budget. Our technicians will also discuss with you power requirements for the event ( i.e on-site power/generated power). We will of course supply risk assessments and Public liability Insurance to you which will be another item ticked off your planning checklist.

The only thing we can’t control is the weather! A pleasantly warm day is perfect. However, as organisers make sure you have your festival wellies and rain ponchos at the ready just in case!

This has only scratched the surface of what it takes to on an event. Hopefully, it inspires you as an organiser to create a great music festival or outdoor event.