Jewish Wedding Lighting & Production

Jewish Wedding Lighting & Production

We are very well known for creating a good Simcha, and if you are Jewish you’ll understand exactly what that means! If not, then Simcha roughly means ‘Joy’ and it’s often used as the term to describe a Wedding or celebration if you are Jewish.

Just Smile are one of the fastest growing production companies in the Jewish world, delivering over 50 Simchas each year, and making each one as special as the next. And each one can vary, depending on the style, the venue and of course the budget.

We were asked to provide Lighting & Production for Louise & James’ Wedding which was to be held in the Meadow Barn at the fabulous Tewin Bury Farm Hotel. Having provided similar services for family & friends before, we were recommended, and like most of our work procured through word of mouth.

The event was stunning, with the band One Entertainment on stage, and the room lit in pinks & purples as was the request of the Bride. We also provide a Starlight Dance Floor, White Carpeted Curved Stage, Photo Booth & backdrops.

We can provide Jewish Wedding Lighting & Production at any venue, and we have experience working in many of the west end hotels and many of the Hertfordshire hotels actively recommend us.