Wedding Production at The Savoy

Wedding Production at The Savoy

We provided Wedding Production at The Savoy. With separate lighting at the Synagogue for the ceremony. Our production included a tiered stage with mirror trim, multiple steps and a white carpet & leatherette finish. We used 8 plinths to create a backdrop to the stage, with multiple moving heads lighting effects mounted on these. We also provided four truss towers around the room which allowed a further 8 moving lights to be mounted around the room. Uplighting, Pin-spotting and a large White Dance Floor finished off the look which tied in well to the aesthetics of the Lancaster Ballroom at The Savoy.

The Savoy

A stunning venue for any Wedding or Celebration. The Savoy famously sits on The Strand in central London and backs on to the River Thames, in prime theatre-land. A landmark venue with history and stories to boot… The Lancaster Ballroom must have played host to many events which would have included celebrities and rich & famous. A real treat of a venue if you are looking for something a bit special.

Our Clients said:

“Hi David, Wanted to thank you very much for a brilliant evening. Apologies for driving you mad – but we’ve only had amazing feedback from everyone. The room looked amazing and everything ran smoothly (to us anyway!) Thanks, Joseph”

“David, Great success at the savoy last night – thank you for all your hard work and reassurance throughout.  I hope we weren’t too demanding – but the production quality shone through and hopefully more intros will result. Thanks again to you and your team. Regards, Mark”