Wedding DJ

Your Wedding should be as unique as you are…

Whether it’s the style of your dress, your venue, how you’ve made your day different and the thing which have pulled the whole event together. Don’t under estimate the importance of your Wedding DJ or entertainment and music as a part of your special day.

Our team of expert DJ’s will work with you, to your brief or freestyle (whichever way you prefer) to ensure that the Dance Floor at your wedding is where the action happens! We offer optional enhancements with ceremony & daytime packages (below) which may also interest you?!

Our Professional Wedding DJ’s are the best in the business, and Just Smile boasts being part of over 500+ Weddings each year, offering some of the best venues & weddings in the area the best entertainment possible. Whether you are looking for a simple classic Wedding DJ, or something a little more sophisticated. We also offer mobile nightclub set ups and the option of musicians who can play as a part of the DJ set…

A Just Smile DJ is not the same as just any DJ. We are always smart, and wear a suit where required at your wedding (it’s only right when you’ve made the effort to dress up) and are well mannered, willing to receive requests, and work with you to ensure your evening run smoothly and creates a talking point amongst your friends.

We offer a number of different DJ Packages, and have a small team of Professional DJ’s.

We hope we can be of service to you for your Wedding!