Audio Visual Equipment Hire Hertfordshire

Audio Visual Equipment Hire Hertfordshire

Conference season is in full Swing and we’ve been in some of our favourite venues such as Aubrey Park Hotel, Hunton Park Hotel and Pendley Manor Hotel with Projectors, Fast-fold and Pull up projector screens and of course PA systems providing Equipment Hire for conferences, events & parties.

We can provide these services for conferences of any size… 50 Delegates, 100 Delegates, even a customised Conference package with staging, PA, Lighting and Projection systems, it’s all within our scope and our sales team would be happy to help you through the process.

This Week we have taken stock of more Video and Projection equipment. Four more 50” HD Plasma Screens have rolled into our warehouse and to complement them an 8 way HDMI to Ethernet distribution system and 2 more 4500 Lumen Projectors. Our ongoing investment into our equipment keeps us well equipped with the latest technology, but also ensures that we have enough stock to cover all bookings and support our partner venues and clients with quantity whenever needed.

In addition to the items you would expect us to stock in terms of Audio Visual Equipment Hire, we also carry a stock of less common items including Flipcharts, Easels, Pinboards. We also have less common technical items like Conference Phones, Clickers, Lecterns, Clip-on lights and much more.

If you are interested in any of our services please feel free to call our offices and speak with a member of staff who would be happy to help.